It is our purpose to invent and reinvent products and processes that enhance, in a unique manner, the marketing communications of organizations and individuals.

IMCOM’s products are built around digital magic and magical formats. These formats have been constructed so that they can be run on inkjet or laser printers, both large system printers as well as stand-alone desktop units. With the growth of digital photography, the number of applications is constantly expanding.

Irv Michlin

IMCOM (an acronym for Innovative Marketing Communications, Inc.) was founded in 1998, by Irv Michlin who was previously Senior Vice President of one of the leading printing manufacturers in the country. Irv has a strong background in printing and direct mail, and has had a number of patents issued - all dealing with innovative and unique printed formats.

Jerry Schwartz

Shortly after the company’s founding, Jerry Schwartz joined the company. Jerry had worked with Irv at his former company where he spearheaded the introduction of several new and successful products. He spent a number of years in the printing industry, owned his own firm and won a number of design awards. Jerry brings to the company the design skills that have been so influential to its development and success.

Combined Expertise

Their strong creative instincts complement each other. Irv is focused more on sales, technical and structural issues and Jerry more on the digital and graphics considerations. IMCOM has formed a manufacturing partnership that is integral to this creative team. The development and subsequent manufacturing of these unique products requires knowledge, sophistication and a "can do" attitude. This "can do" attitude extends to a commitment to total satisfaction as well as a willingness to explores new areas of opportunity.

IMCOM’s Mission:

To develop on a continuing basis new, unique and innovative products for the following markets:

  • Promotional Products
  • Professional Photography including event photography – weddings, sports, parties, political etc.
  • Direct Marketing/Mail
  • Home – including SOHO, Photography and Scrapbooking.

A positive and creative attitude is what IMCOM is all about.

Welcome to the World of Digital Magic . . . PhotoMagiX.


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